Thursday, February 28, 7Ė10 p.m.
No Sleep 'til Brooklyn Watercolors

Taft with a Twist celebrates all things Brooklyn, from rap to Coney Island.

Brooklyn has a storied past, playing a major role in American popular culture, from Nathanís Famous hotdogs and the Dodgers to Neil Simon and Spike Lee. In recent years, the borough has become synonymous with all things hipster, with movie stars and garage rock bands enjoying the charms of the former home of Walt Whitman, Woody Allen, and the Beastie Boys.

Da Muttss, a Cincinnati Entertainment Award-nominated hip-hop band that has played in the Redsí opening day parade, will provide the tunes. Check out From Winslow Homer to Edward Hopper: American Watercolor Masterpieces from the Brooklyn Museum, and enjoy plenty of carnival food as you stroll around Coney Island, Taft-style.

De Mutts