Barack Obama, Feb. 25, 2008

University of Cincinnati Fifth-Third Arena, 2:00 p.m

At 1:00, the end of the line seems to grow further away all the time.

Buttons, buttons, and more buttons.

And hats and caps.

Two generations.

The line stretches three blocks ahead, then turns right, snakes around to the left,
doubles back to the right, winds around the UC 5th-3rd Arena, then inside.

Some folks decide to have lunch au naturale.

Collecting signatures.

Tom Luken, working the line.

Yes, that is the line.

The stairs lead down to a secret Press door.

I ducked the line by going in the Press door. There were already thousands inside.

View from the seats just below the balcony.

A volunteer.

Bill and the ladies.

UC Video in Action

Xavier Media

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory

First glimpse of Barack (under the middle of the flag).

Fellow in head scarf is an AP Press Photographer.

Through a video viewfinder.

Over a reporter's shoulder.

Lady getting attention after getting woozy.

The rousing finale.

Meet and greet time.

Last chance at buttons, shirts, and hats.

Media truck.

More media trucks.

Free busses to go downtown to vote.

Coverage at 6:00. Tom said there were 10.000 people there.

Democratic Super Delegate Mallory announced his committed support for Barack Obama.

Spoke for over an hour, touched all the bases, lit up the crowd.