Obama Primary Party, Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cadillac Ranch Restaurant, Cincinnati

The restaurant was ready at 6:30 p.m., but most of the volunteers were still working the polls.

Around 7:00, people started coming in to watch the returns.

Nobody seemed interested in the bull.

Many of us were hungry.

Some just needed a beer.

Spirits were high.

And friends got to reconnect.

Every positive return inspired applause.

By 8:00 it was getting hard to move around.

Hagit Lmmor and her cameraman were there to capture the moment for WCPO.

Mayor Mark Mallory was a popular target for interviews.

Mayor Mallory and Journalist Limor

WXIX Journalist Corey McConnell and Hamilton County Coroner O'dell Owens

HIllary Clinton won Ohio and Rhode Island, helped in large part by "pimp for a day" republicans.

Barack Obama won Vermont and split Texas. Among actual democrats, he most likely won Ohio, too.