Hillary Clinton, Feb. 23, 2008
Cincinnati State Gym

8:00 a.m. and buttons are $2.00 each outside the parking garage.

Well salted walkways.

The outside line.

Guess what we thought they were selling here!

Buttons inside were three for $10.00 or $5.00 each.

A hopeful candidate.

The inside line snaked up one side of the hall and back down the other.

Another candidate.


Getting closer.

Rounding the curve at the far end of the line.

Hats $20, T-shirts $15.

On the far right, campaign staffer Agnes tells us we're nearly there.

Signup for students.

The photo-op group behind the main stage.

Tom Luken works the crowd.


More press.

Friend Cathy and her friends.

Friends Dan and Sue with Noah.

Friend Pam with Leah (and a had for Aunt Lory) and me.

David Pepper, looking senatorial, with campaign staffer Alex.

Friends Rachel and Berta.

Stan Chesley works the phone.

Friends Heather and Lisa.

Berta at attention.

David warms up the crowd.

Roxanne Qualls

Cincinnati Field Team leader Erin Burger.

A very serious security dude.

Front row seats.

Hillary arrives with Ohio Governor Ted Strickland.

Not that anyone at ground-level could see.

First glimpse, from standing on a chair.

This lady had a front row seat but appears to have been too excited to stay in it.

More press.

After the speech, time for meet and greet and autograph.

Photographer Judi Parks (work at the Pendleton Art Center).

Another chance to volunteer as we left.

Why the firemen were there we do not know.

Buttons still $2.00 outside.