One World Wednesday (Argentina), January 2, 2008

A cold, clear night in Cincinnati.

The art museum hosts One World Wednesday: Argentina

Dylan, the CityBeat guy.
CityBeat is a sponsor, and I'm on site as a volunteer taking
photographs for possible use in CityBeat in print or online.

The Cincinnati World Cinema people have a booth, too.

And Mayor Mallory's YPKC.

First, I found people dancing in the Great Hall to the upbeat salsa rhythms of Tropicoso.

For alternative entertainment, they had two gallery-strolls, a scavenger hunt,
and a political salon, as well as Tango lessons and a leather workshop.

After a while I found the tango demonstration and lessons.

With instructors from Tango del Barrio studio.

They began with walking to feel the beat.

Soon people pared off for more directed movement.

A great time was being had by all.

Next door people were working with leather.

The leather work coordinators.

Participants making leather key ring fobs.

These three ladies, Karen Kelly, Penny Deer, and Candice Teasley, are artists
participating in a show at Essex Studios on February 1st and 2nd.

This fellow is getting "the look."

Helpful instructions.

The adventure continues...

There were food and beverage tables in various locations.
Alcohol tasting included a New Age White Blend, Viento Sur Torrontes,
Lurton Tierra del Fuego, and Diseno Malbec.
Food tasting included paella and dulce de leche.

The service was excellent.

This lady is due next month. When she saw the picture on the camera view screen,
she said "Oooo, what a big belly!" and everyone joined in her laughter.

And back to the Great Hall for more dancing!

And more photographs.

And more dancing!

This fellow was a solo dancer, and very expressive.

A very merry group.

And everyone was very nice to the photographers!