John McCain speaks to NAACP, July 16, 2008

As viewed from Fountain Square in Cincinnati

My arrival at 11:30... not much happening.

No McBush on the monitor yet.

The vendors were doing very little business.

And nothing was happening on or in front of the stage.

The same view for Barack Obama.

The channel 5 people predicted a big turnout. Shows what they know.

Avtar made a special hat, comparing McBush to a cowboy.

This young lady was the only student for McBush that I saw.

Don't ask me!

A lot of people were there for lunch, not politics.

McBush appeared on the monitor.

Not a big turnout, but the folks who came to listen gave respectful attention.

A news team in action.

The view from the street.

The usual lunch crowd.

Bird's eye view.

The student for McBush.

Attentive, mostly.

Three or four sign-carrying supporters hangin' out in the shade.

Office workers under the watchful eyes.

Great body language.

Just passing through.

McBush opposes slavery. Is this news?

Nasty looking guys. The white shirt guy behind the folded arms guy is hiding.

But I got him anyway.

Shiny shoes.

Another dubious look.

Not everyone was acting uptight.

Of course, maybe some of the hostile glances were in response to my new t-shirt.