Prop 8 Protest, November 15, 2008

A protest in favor of equal marriage occured at Cincinnati's City Hall
on Saturday, November 15, at 1:30 p.m. Local students, activists, and
community members led this event as part of a day of national protests
in reaction to the passage of Proposition 8 in California,
re-banning equal marriage in that state.

The local movement is being organized by Cameron Tolle, a junior at
Xavier University and Vice President of the Xavier LGBTQ (lesbian,
gay, bisexual, trans-identified, queer/questioning) Alliance, with
the assistance of students from the University of Cincinnati and
Miami University, along with several community members. Organizers
state that the goal is not to overturn Proposition 8, but to create
a national movement and create awareness for the effects that anti-gay
legislation has on the local community.

For more information, see the Rainbow Cincinnati website
- -

About 1:15, people are arriving despite the cold rain.

Spirits are high.

Most folks are bundled up.

Literature and signs are available.

Many people had their own signs.

This was a popular theme.

The intellectual arguments.

View from the steps.

Channel 19 Senior Producer interviews rally organizer.

Cincinnati residents with their California Marriage Certificate.

Interview ends with a handshake.

This was a popular theme, too.

Our friend Atia.

Yours truly, signing up for whatever.

The crowd is on both sides of the street now, spilling over the sidewalks from time to time.

Quick Video 01

Victoria Wulsin, defeated in the polls in a three-way race.
(Kirkorian, the spoiler, kept the schmidster in.)
Vic was the only politician with the integrity and courage to participate.

Margaret Cho arrives.

The photojournalists get focused.

Quick Video 02

Margaret Cho singing video.

After speaking and singing, Margaret is interviewed by Channel 19.


The bottom line.