Joe the lying tax dodger, October 28, 2008

Milford, Ohio

Arrival time, but the featured speaker, Joe the Plumber (a.k.a. lying tax dodger), not yet arrived.

Brand new segue rider on a brand new segue. Look out copsicle!

That nut brought four repugnant signs.

People were invited inside.

Not a particularly big shop.

But room for almost all. About three dozen people.

Across the street, an empty business.

Next door, another empty business.

The crowd moves back outside.

Here comes the loser bus!

An excited little crowd.

The Rob and Joe show.

Instant celebrity for Joe the lying tax dodger.

The fellow with the video rig is from BFMTV (France).

The view from my perch atop a trash can.

Joe complains about Obama taking money from working people to give to others.

But I call him on it from my perch. Things get hectic.
(BTW, I put that sign behind Joe with my computer. It was actually in my hands where I stood when I took this picture.)

I make my point and after about 10 minutes and a couple of police interventions, I leave.
This is me with my sign and my Obama hat.