Music and Portraits, May 03, 2009

Gypsum Duo and Lost In Holland, Sunday 3 May @ 3-5 PM

at The Speckled Bird Cafe, 1766 Mills Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45212.

Gypsum Duo's exhilarating combination of jazz, classical and folk music that
"[takes] the listener on [an] unexpected, worthwhile musical journey" ~ Dan Buckley, Tucson Citizen.

Lost In Holland's "fusion of sound, with Josh's brilliant folk-twinged guitar runs being
complemented by Michael's wonderful, soaring cello" ~ Scott Sandie, Broken Arrow Magazine.

The Gypsum Duo (Sandy Suskind: flute, sax / Michael G. Ronstadt: cello, guitar, voice)
Lost In Holland (Josh Hisle: guitar / Michael G. Ronstadt: cello, guitar) / /