Vacation Training, March/April, 2010

March 6, 20 miles.

A cold day, but a good day to start our training for Holland.

A bit more snow than expected.

Hmmm. Dicey indeed.

The ice and snow turn us around.

Milford for lunch.

March 7, 25 miles.

Back on the bike trail.

We take on the snow again.

March 13, 28 miles.

Time to practice rain riding,

Lunch in Loveland.

March 14, 28 miles.

Another opportunity for rain riding practice.

March 20, 30 miles.

Riding with Drake from Morrow to Waynesville.

Lunch at Der Dutchman.

April 3

Our final training ride. Morrow to Waynesville again.

Time for another Der Dutchman Lunch.

This wasn't here when we came through before lunch.

Storm coming through.

Home, home in the rain.