Scooter Oil Change, May 27, 2010

I can change the oil and transmission fluid myself, but I'd rather let someone else do it.
At the high end, it costs nearly $100 to have a garage do it.
Or for about $30 you can have an established shop do it.
Or, for $15, the guy at Cycle Express will do it on the sidewalk.

This is John, draining the oil.

This is Whitey, a former Milacron man, now a neighbor of Cycle Express.

Bikes and Helmets for Sale.

Time out while we wait for Mark, the owner, to show up with a socket large enough
to pull the oil filter, and the correct weight of gear oil for the transmission.

Mark is slow to arrive, so John has time to have some dinner.

Mark arrives, drops of the gear oil and a tire iron with the right socket, and away he goes again.

All the good stuff.