Great Ghost Rider Ramble!
St. Leon, Indiana, October 2, 2010

Ready to go.

Leaving the High School

Cows expecting rain.

Crossing the highway.

Riding down a 3-mile long hill.

Finding out we missed a turn and have a 3-mile long ride uphill to get back on track.

Back by the highway.

Waiting for Leah.

Here she comes.

Exhausted, but resting up.

Back on the road, but not yet back on the route.

Back on a back road again.

Our first (of several) dogs. This one was little, but loud.

Heavy skies.

Heading back.

More dogs.

Looks like the obedience collars are working.


Pumpkins for sale.

October soybean plants.

Snack break.

Sag wagon marks our turnoff (we skipped a few "official" miles and took credit for our detour).

Sag wagon.

Fellow riders. Going at a faster clip than we are, too.

Maune Road. (Becca used to call Leah's mother Mauna.)

More rolling hills.

This one rolled up a bit too much.

Happy in spite of it all.

Under the watchfull eye.

The "business end" of a Sherman tank.

The St. Leon Oktober Fest location.

The only markings on the turn we missed, way back at the beginning of the ride.

Crossing the highway again.

Back at the school.

Our ride registrar.


Best outfit!