Biking, April 15 and 16, 2006

On this particular day, we started in Milford and headed north on the bike trail.
After a while we got to Kugler Mill Road, and noticed a bit of a hullabaloo off to our left.
A couple of walkers said there was a dog show and horse race in the offing, so we went to investigate.

We were offered a program.

We studied it carefully.
We'd missed the Hilltopper Pace Pairs
and the Qualified Hunter Chase,
but we were in plenty of time for the Terrier Races,
the Foxhound Drag Race, and the other
afternoon events.

And they had prizes to award!

These two were part of The Junior Pony Race.

This fellow was doing dog agility.

The finish line for the pony race.

Leah with an apple core and no nearby horse.

For more on all this, see:

Then on Sunday we went to Morrow and headed west (for south).

We followed the river, of course, so in this picture we are heading south.

We'd both riding at about 12 mph. Neither of us is looking forward.

This is shot in motion again, over my shoulder.

More in motion pictures.

Eventually we stopped for a snack.

And to admire a small toad.

This weekend we rode about 10 miles on Saturday and 13 miles on Sunday.
Not a lot, but not a little, either.

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