Scooter 2000 Mile Maintenance
June 16, 2007

First, I wanted to have an elevated place to work.

Where I could get at both sides fo the scooter.

Engine oil (800 ml) to go in on the right side.

Transmission oil (90 ml) to go in on the left side.

New oil filter to go on the bottom.

Task 1: Drain old engine oil.

On left side of bike, remove 17 mm bold at bottom of oil pan.

After oil drains out, replace bolt and tighten.

Task 2. Change oil filter.

Still on left side of bike, remove oil filter (use spark plug wrench).

View with oil filter removed.

Install new oil filter.

Task 3: Check oil pan screen.

On right side of bike, carefully remove 17 mm bolt (below oil check/fill port).
Watch out for spring, screen, and gasket.

I've heard carburetor cleaner is good for this, if its gunked up.

Task 4: Add 800 ml new engine oil.

Pour carefully.

After the oil is in, start and run the engine for a couple of minutes, then check for leaks.

Task 5: Drain transmission oil.

Back on left side of bike, locate and remove 12 mm aluminum bolt.

After all old transmission oil is out, reinstall 12 mm. bolt, but do not over tighten (aluminum).

Task 6. Add transmission oil.

Add 90 ml of new transmission oil at nylon plug. (A syringe is helpful for this.)

After adding transmission oil, return nylon plug to its place.

Task 7: Cleanup.

Keep kitty-litter handy in case you accidentally dump the waste oil.

Task 8: Go for a ride.


Thanks to Seth at Metro Scooter for instructions and real-time phone support.