Milford UGS Spirit Day, June 8, 2006

A few pictures from a few activities.

Lunch was served outdoors. Linda, Lori, and Denise (in red shirts) were servers.

Auto Show, with some special treats from a local Ford dealer.

The one with the open hood is a 1991 Diesel BMW being converted to run on vegetable oil.

This is one of the four Corvettes. Tres Cool.

Then, there was my entry... the Kinetic.

1956 BelAire

Don buys a split-the-pot ticket.

The ball diamond, and beyond the golf chipping and cornhole setups.


Mark brought the Flight Simulator -- a big hit as usual.

Early results to for the car show.
Lobbying for votes and the Kinetic motto cinched it.


“UGS Spirit Day for Local Charities” 

It was a fun-filled day!  A special “thank you” to Don, Troy, Dave and Tom -- they worked
hard to make the day a huge success!
And thanks to everyone who ran and participated in the games!

Corn Hole Tournament - $540.00

Car Show $110.00

3K Mini Marathon $80.00

Chipping Contest $185.00

Home Run Derby $172.00

Basketball $145.00

Soccer $32.00

Flight Simulator $86.00

Split the Pot $253.00

Lunch/food sales $TBD

Listed below are the winners from each competition – congratulations!

Corn Hole Tournament

1st Place Team:  Ryan T. and Tony S.

2nd Place Team:  Shelli S. and Randy M.

3K Mini Marathon

Runners - Men

1st Place - Dan J.    (10 mins  24 secs )

2nd Place - Tom C.  (11 mins 06  secs )

Runners - Women

1st Place - Tushyati M. (17 mins  54 secs )

 Walkers - Men

1st Place - John S. (26 mins 07 secs )

2nd Place - Mohan D. (27 mins 09 secs)

Walkers - Women

1st Place - Swarna M., Tracey A., Holly K. (38 mins 27secs)

Home Run / Wiffle Ball Derby

1st Place: Greg E.

2nd Place: Ryan T.

3rd Place:  Chris F.

Car Show

1st Place:  Ray O. (24% of the vote with the Blue 05 Kinetic TFR Moped)

Chipping Contest

1st Place:  Scott N. (10” from the pin)

2nd Place: Tom B.


1st Place: Mark L. (4 out of 6)


1st Place:  Brian B.