The Kinetic TFR
(aka Cosmo Blazer 2, Guinea Pig, and the blue streak)

April 22-23, 2006

Started Saturday with a drive out to Lakota Motor Sports.

A nice, family business of a former SDRC Test Lab guy.

I saw the blue streak whilst still in the shipping box.

I said, "if it fits in the wagon, I'll buy it."

A tape measurement later, I was a moped owner.

On Saturday I put 23 miles on it. On Sunday, 42.

Now it's Monday.

written April 24

Monday Eveing Updates

Google video / scooter-related treakle (use your headphones, and crank it up):

To answer the questions raised so far:

  1. Yes, I did ride it in to work today. Current mileage is now 79 miles (so it was 16 miles to work via Montgomery, Ken Arbor, Euclid, Shawnee Run, Route 50, Eastman Drive). It took 45 minutes, compared to my usual commute by car of 30 Ė 40 minutes.

  2. It cost $800 at Lakota Motor Sports, 860-5508, located on Rt 747, about 2 miles north of I-275, proprietor Richard Edell (I plan to pay it off by charging $1/minute for thrill-seeker rides.)

  3. Yes, Leah thinks Iím crazy, but we are all grateful to one of our lunch buddies, Joern, for the real motorcycle helmet.

  4. Yes, I have liability insurance ($128/year).

  5. Yes, I have a license plate. (31LDP) (latter day parent? loony dipso pappa?)

  6. Expected miles per gallon: 100 miles per gallon, tops.

  7. 20 miles per hour, average. (Iíve gotten up to 30 going downhill. The speedometer goes to 50 but the seller said the only way to go that fast would be to drive off a cliff.)

  8. Maintenance: roughly every 1500 miles for major stuff (exhaust system, spark plug, gear box oil.etc.).

  9. Pre-ride safety check: gas amount, chain, brakes, lights

  10. Made in India (but per Anahita this morning, few people ride mopeds there now, preferring the sportier scooters like the Vespa).

  11. After riding to work this morning, then to Clear Creek to ref a State Cup game, then home again, the mileage is exactly 100, and it runs like a dream.

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