Short Story Categories

Note: A title with an asterisk (*) indicates the linked story is not appropriate for children or prudish adults, and likely contains explicit references to or descriptions of one or more of the following: drug abuse, sexual activity, criminal activity, violence, and/or general mayhem. Such stories are linked behind a password system, and you must request the password and prove you are not a minor to gain access.

About Stories and Storytelling

Why Tell Stories

On Words

The Lunch Group

Foolish Thoughts

Traveling/Hitchhiking Stories

* Lost in the Heartland

* Bikers, Babes, and Cowboys

* Ditch Diving

* Sleeping

* Northern Border

* Southern Border

* Boston In Winter

Bicycle The Long Way

Family Stories

So I said...

Wedding Day

Halloween to Christmas, 2002

Florida Stories

* You Mens Needs To Be More Alert

* The Setup

* Hide The Truck

Let Me Skin That Cat

* Octagonal House Plan

* Pigeons

Pittsburgh Stories

* Here's to Excess

Could You Pass That Test?

Bargain Tires

What About Quality

School Stories

* Is He Dead?

* High School Torture

* Director of Cork Boards

* First Times

* I Smell Pot

Central America Stories

* Smugglers Wedding

* It's So Safe Here

Monte Verde

Gringo House Painter

Yo Soy Un Vendadore

Montreal Stories

Les Mains Sur La Table

* J'ai Besoin

* Sylvie

Chinese YMCA

Cafe En Passant

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